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Hugo PVS (Elementary/Medium)

Remi Lolita (Novice/Elementary) Owned by: Sue Cornwell

Riverside Kuddles (Preliminary)

Why Waltz Hotshot (Hotline x Northern Alexander)

Young Stock

Why Waltz Wonderland (Weltmeyer x Regardez Moi/Jive Magic)

Keepit Intrepid (LR In Your Face (SOS) x Jaybee Crystal


Miss Corvette

Why Waltz Marmalade

Riding School Horses


Riverside Paddy Williams

Bay Gelding

DOB: 06.01.2002

Sire: Parken (Aachen)

Dam: Gabby (Grannus II)

Owner: Riverside Pastoral Co. & Pamela Kingwill

Training: Grand Prix

Competing: Medium Tour

Paddy Williams has 3 balanced gaits with a very rhythmical trot and a trainable canter. He is the full brother to Riverside Pablo, who was training at FEI level with Pamela in 2008.
Paddy has many quality characteristic but one of his most outstanding is his temperament and ability to learn. 

He is competing PSG/Inter I with wins up to 64% in the PSG. He is training all the Grand Prix movements with a talent for Canter Pirouettes, Half Pass and Flying Changes. We are aiming to take him out at Grand Prix in the near future.

Paddy makes most riders feel like a professional and is a wonderful addition to our team at PVS Training. He is available at times as a schoolmaster for competition riders to feel new movements or to further their training.
A very quiet natured horse, easy to handle and ride.

Results Highlights:

2012 - Atherton ** Dressage Championships - Official Advance Reserve Champion
2012 - Atherton ** Dressage Championships - Official Medium Champion
2012 - NQEG ** Dressage Championships - Official Medium Champion
2012 - Townsville DC - 70.486% Official Medium & 65.1% Official Advance (career start)
2011 - Atherton ** Dressage Championships - Official Reserve Medium Champion
2011 - FNEG (Cairns) 2* Dressage Champs - 3rd overall in the Official Medium Championship

2010 - Sunshine Coast 2* Dressage Champs - 8th Overall in the Novice Championship

2010 - FNEG (Cairns) 2* Dressage Championships - "Official Novice Champion
2010 - Gladstone 2* Dressage Championships "Reserve Novice Champion"
2010 - TDC Winter Championships - "Official Novice Champion
2009 - Townsville Dressage Club 2* Championships - "Official Preliminary Champion"

Paddy is FOR SALE to the right home should he suit someone wanting a schoolmaster to learn FEI.

Hugo PVS

Grey Gelding

DOB: 14.08.2008

Sire: Hector (imp)

Dam: Miss Corvette (Cooperit)

Owner: Pamela Kingwill

Training: Medium/Advance

Competing: Elementary

Hugo who is affectionately known as 'Greg' had his first taste at competing in late 2016. He shows a lot of character both at home and a little more flamboyant expression when competing, this gave a range of scores both high and average during 2016. He has shown that he is very capable at achieving scores above 70+% at Novice level. 

During the off season we have been working towards consolidating the elementary work and touching on the medium exercises. He shows an exciting ability for the higher level work and thus we have to keep working towards securing a more consistent work ethic and overline.

Our plan for 2017 is to take him out to some low level competition for more atmosphere experience, working our way up towards an Elementary start at the end of 2017. 

Remi Lolita

Black Mare

DOB: 11 October 2012

Sire: Lauries As

Dam: Remi Welts Magic (Weltmeyer)

Owner: Sue Cornwell

Training: Medium

Competing: Novice/ Elementary



Why Waltz Hotshot

Bay Gelding

DOB: 04.11.2013

Sire: Hotline

Dam: Why Waltz Marmalade (Northern Alexander)

Height: 17.3hh (mat.)

Owner: Pamela Kingwill

Training: Novice/Elementary

Competing: Preliminary/Novice

Hotshot aka "Harry" was purchased as a yearling in December 2014 from Danny Need at Why Waltz Warmblood Stud in Townsville. 

Pamela commenced the introduction to riding with Harry in the summer of 2016 and has since kept him in light work. 

Harry had his first 'training competition' in September 2017 where to mostly took it all in his stride. 

A very exciting horse for the future. Pamela aims to take him out to various competition in 2018 for experience and then as an Official partner in 2019.


Lassie Creek (Deceased - 02.05.16)

Dark Brown/Black Mare
Breed: Thoroughbred
Height: 16.1hh
DOB: 25 Aug 1998
Sire: Jacobs Creek xx
Dam: Dusty Lass xx
Competing: PSG/Inter 1
Training: Inter II/GP


Lassie and Pamela are a member of the Dressage QLD Greystone's High Performance Squad for 2013.

Lassie and Pamela have been together as ridden partnership since 2009. Lassie has been in the family since she was a 3yr old that had just finished racing. Jessica (youngest sister of Pamela) rode Lassie as a showjumping and cross country mount until Natalie (middle sister of Pamela) took over and produced the mare up to 1.30m in showjumping.
When Pamela took over the ride on her in 2009 they had a slow start to correctly bring the mare into a more suitable way of going for Dressage. After the initial basics work and ironing out some incorrect ways of going; there was no stopping this talented mare and it has been onwards and upwards since 2009.

Lassie is training all the Intermediate II movements at home and has just started competing at Inter 1 level in May 2013. 

This mare has a fantastic ability for all the canter work, she loves the lateral movements and finds the flying changes really fun. At the moment we are working to strengthen all the lateral, medium and extended movement and to help her find her balance to carry better on her hindlegs for the half steps and canter pirouettes.

Lassie & Pamela at Atherton ** Championships in 2011

I look forward to entering her into the Big Tour Entry Level test towards the end of the year and enjoying the improvements along the way.


Result Highlights:

2012 - Atherton ** Dressage Championships - Official PSG Champion
2012 - Atherton ** Dressage Championships - Official Advance Champion
2012 - NQEG ** Dressage Championships - Official Advance & PSG Champion
2012 - Townsville DC - 1st PSG career start 63.3%

2011 - Samford EG ** Championships - 3rd overall Official Advance Championship
2011 - Atherton ** Dressage Championships - Official Medium Champion
2011 - Atherton ** Dressage Championships - Official Advance Champion
2011 - FNEG 2* Dressage Championships - Official Medium Champion & Advance Champion
2010 - Receipient of a Bronze Rider Medal from Dressage QLD
2010 - Sunshine Coast 2* Dressage Champs - 3rd Overall in the Elementary Championship
2010 - FNEG (Cairns) 2* Dressage Championships - "Official Medium Champion
2010 - FNEG (Cairns) 2* Dressage Championships - "Official Elementary Champion
2010 - Gladstone 2* Dressage Championships "Official Elementary & Medium Champion
2010 - NQEG Classic - "Official Elementary & Medium Winner"
2009 - Townsville Dressage Club 2* Championships - "Official Elementary Champion

Lassie and Pamela in 2010 at FNEG ** Championships

Blasko (Deceased 21.02.14)

Liver Chestnust Mare
DOB: 15.09.2007

Sire: Brentano II
Dam: Feodora (Floristan)

Owner/s: Kim Weston & Pamela Schuler

Blasko & Pamela - Atherton 2013

Blasko had all the makings of a high quality FEI horse. Bred by Kim Weston and co-owned by Kim and Pamela, Blasko was training towards her first Official outing in 2014.
She was showing that she had the power, scope and temperament that is required for the makings of a serious dressage horse. Our aim was to continue her training with a emphasis on developing the mare towards International GP.
We sadly lost her in January 2014. She is always in my thoughts and riding. 


Miss Corvette

Bay Mare
Height: 16hh
DOB: 24.10.2004
Breed: Warmblood
Sire: Cooperit (imp) (Contender)

Dam: Belcam Aaberdale (Aachen)
Video: Yes

Corvett was purchased by Pamela in 2007 as an unbroken 4yr old. She was shortly after broken in and given her preliminary rides. Due to her wonderful pedigree we have decided to keep her as a broodmare for the time being.

Corvett has 3 exceptionally good paces with very extravagant movement. She has a wonderful temperament and disposition with a solid and trainable brain.

Corvette has thrown 2 very nice foals. One by the imported/exported showjumping stallion Hector (PVS Hugo) and one by the imported stallion Kaptain (PVS Karlos). 

She has returned a positive preg test to Kaptain and we await a healthy Christmas foal. We can only hope that this cross will produce another wonderfully put together moving machine like Karlos PVS & Hugo PVS

PVS Gabrielle

Bay Mare
Height: 16.1hh
DOB: 14th October 2004
Sire: Graf Landua (imp) (Genever)
Dam: Sunita xx
Training: Preliminary
Video: Yes
Going in foal for the 2013 Season

 Gabby has a good history of breeding in her pedigree. Kinnordy Stud imported the Grey Hannoverian Stallion Graf Landua from Germany. He has sired many flashy dressage and showjumping horses and it is very common to find Graf Landua in premium Broodmares. The stallion is also the sire of Peter and Michelle McMahon's lovely grey mare KS Genoa whom represented Australia at the WEG in 2006 and also won the NZ Horse of the Year Show in 2009. 

Gabby has been purchased by Wendy Schuler and Rodney Barrett to be campaigned by Pamela this year. She was purchased in June as an unbroken 4 year old. Since coming back from the breakers just before Christmas 09, she is showing willingness towards her work, a strong trainable mind and improvement in her outline and frame.

She has 3 ground covering paces and is nicely put together. Her trot has a real "wow" factor about it and her canter is very comfortable with correct rhythm, cadence, elasticity and hind leg usage. Her walk is very active and has a good over track. 

Past Horses Trained, Ridden and Competed by Pamela

Riverside Pablo - 17.2hh Chestnut Gelding, Competed and Trained to FEI level. Passed Away.

Riverside Airport - 16hh Bay Gelding, Competed to Novice Level then sold to Victoria. Now competing in Eventing with Meg Ferguson, under the name of "Jetstar"

Landers Gift - 16.3hh Chestnut Mare - Trained and Competed to Novice Level then sold to Qld. Now competing with John Downes - owned by Tara Tate.  


Belcam Athens - 17.1hh Mahogany Bay Gelding - Trained and Competed to Advanced Level then sold to Asia. 

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