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My 2016 Annual Year In Review

Posted on January 1, 2017 at 11:15 PM

My 2016 Annual Review





  1. What went well this year?
  2. What didn't go so well this year?
  3. What am I working towards?



1. What went well this year?


Wedding - I'm going to kick this off by mentioning the biggest event that took place for me this year, My Wedding. I married my best friend (cliche but very true).


The wedding was everything that I could of hoped and dreamed of plus even more. The day, well week started and ended amongst family and friends. Everyone pitched in together to bring our 'Wedding Camping Adventures' together.

Friends, family, Matt and I ran errands, set up the whole show (tables, chair, marquee, decorations) and overall just had an amazing week in May making special memories that Matt and I will cherish for a lifetime.

We did hire some local companies to help with some decorating and finer details that made the day just that little bit more 'twinkly'. There were a lot of fairly lights.

Our wedding Photographer, who has come to be a family friend of ours 'Brooke Miles' mentioned early in the planning stages of the wedding that a couple of fairy lights would make the photos sparkle. I took that and ran with it. We had LOTS of fairy lights.

We said our vows down near the river, which happens to be the same place that Matt proposed to me back in December 2014. We partied the night away up the top on the flat where we had made the old tin shed into a ‘rustic wedding reception’ compete with Ladies powder room.


I frequently get asked what married life is like. Personally it is no different to life before hand however now I get to call Matt my ‘Husband’ which has taken a little while to get use to. I love married life and I love Matt more and more everyday.



Gratitude and Emotions - What I've learn about myself from the death of our baby.

I’m someone who always tries to find the positive in every situation. The glass half full kind of person. The one who is always finding ways to better herself. Seeking to put the sparkle and edge in life. Correcting those who use negative self talk when positive words can give them an abundance of peace, love and calm in their life. Some may find these little corrections annoying but I find helps offer a different more grateful perspective on their issue.

So when the death of Aiden happened in 2015 I was a little shocked and wondered how I would be able to find the ‘positive’ in such a dreadful situation. How could there be something good come from something so bad? Where would I find the ‘sparkle’ in an empty nursery?

Should I be searching to find such a positive, light at the end of the tunnel scenario out of his death? I did my best just to cruise through the first half of 2016 and although I thought I was happy and talking positively and moving forward, well turns out I had a bit to learn from his death and still do.

Some things have stood out very clearly to me in the past 12 months and I have Aiden to thank.


After a melt down in September 2016 I started seeing a psychologist and doing some of my own reading on grief. I’d done reading on grief and child loss early on after our loss but I wasn’t ready at the time to grasp the gift(s) that Aiden had left for me just yet.

September I was ready. A couple of words have resonated with me during my healing of late.

  • Gratitude
  • Mindfulness
  • Meditation
  • Love
  • Kindness


You know the saying that the more you think of things the more you gravitate towards an outcome? Like we manifest our own path from our thoughts and choices?

Well I know this to be true for me. I am being drawn towards those above words; Learning to embrace, express and harness the abundance of ‘sparkle and love’ inside of me.


Aiden knew that I had so much more inside that needed to be explored before I was ready to be a mother. He is not showing and guiding me me to be the best possible version of myself; For myself and for those around me.

For that I Thank Aiden everyday. He has shown me that I am full of love and can navigate my way around this beautiful life I have been given with harmony, peace, love and gratitude each and every day.


A couple of books/apps that have helped me towards a more grateful existence:

  1. Mastering Your Mean Girl - Melissa Ambrosini
  2. The Universe Has Your Back - Gabrielle Bernstein
  3. Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life - Dr. Wayne Dyer
  4. Chapter One - Your Have The Power To Change Stuff - Daniel Flynn (Founder of ThankYou)
  5. Smiling Minds App (Mindfull Meditation)




Horse Training - 2016 has seen PVS Training go from strength to strength in not only our own horse flesh training but in clients trusting us with their horse(s) training and progression.

A whooping 223% increase on 2015 in horse training for 2016 with the average horse coming in for training for a period of 5.5 weeks

Our horses in training have ranged from a lovely young show pony that I was educating for her first show season. We incorporated show atmosphere training, handling, lead line and basic young horse dressage training. To experienced dressage competition horses that required a more experience rider to show the initial pathways for the higher level movements. We have had everything in between, even the slightly crazy ones that have made me think about how to manage their needs.


I take great pride in offering each and every client and horse a customised training regime. There is no ‘one plan fits all’ scenario when training horses. I work towards creating harmonious and relaxed partnerships between the horse and rider. They leave feeling confident with a clear system in place and tools towards progression. What to do when the work is getting a little ‘off the rail’ and a vision towards the future.


The horse(s) have to feel at ease in their training and with me so that I can bring out the best in each of them. That is very important to me. A structured system of development incorporating fairness and trust. This can take time and some people are looking for quick fixes and I try to be as upfront as I can be that the horse will dictate to some degree how quickly they will progress with their work. I’m not looking to training ‘band-aid solutions’.


I have a wonderful network of clients who I also train and guide. If I were to offer quick fixes and short term solutions then at some point I would have to go back and fix the underlying issue. This would take longer than a slightly slower initial process of educating the riders and horses together and offering a long term structured system with a technical knowledge base.





Fitness & Health - I ticked many boxes in this area of my life and it has seen me reap the rewards across all that I do and experience.

Firstly with regards to the horses and training; My aim was to increase my muscle tone and reduce my body fat percentage by incorporating more weights, stretching and flexibility exercises into my workout routines. This was going to be helpful to better my balance and execution of aids during my training of the horses. The flexibility was going to allow me to lengthen my muscles while the added strength was going to help me remain relaxed and balanced while doing so. Learning to let go through my hips while closing a leg(s) against the horses sides was a focus area of mine. This would allow me to have more invisible aids with less pressure and tension used to keep the horse in front of seat and leg.


Over the course of the year I attended the gym an average of 3.5 days per week which increased from my previous 2 days per week.


This is some of my stats for 2016:

  • Deadlift - 100kg x 5
  • Bench Press - 40kg x 2
  • Squat - 80kg x 3
  • Chin Up - Body Weight x 10
  • Leg Press - 120kg x 5


Running - completed the Whitehaven Beach 10km Sand Run in a fraction over 60min. In June I completed the Airlie Beach Running Festival 10km run in 48mins and came an impressive 3rd for my age group. This was the last lot of running I did as it was shedding the weight from my body quicker than I could put the food in. Sadly unless I am willing to eat more for now I don’t see that I will be a distance runner and horse trainer/rider at the same time. Goodbye competition running - for now!


PS - Don’t let the scales dictate your happiness. It has taken me a long time to learn this. I now judge my weight by how I feel within myself and in my mind. If I am focused, strong and healthy with a good variety of activities in my life than I am happy with that.



Books - I set out to read a book a month over the 12 month period. I didn’t quite get all 12 books finished but I was close. I completed 8.


Here are the 8 books I have read and the other 3 that I am still completing:


Read and loved

  1. Mastering Your Mean Girl - Melissa Ambrosini
  2. Choosing Hope - Kaitlin Roig-Debellis (True Story)
  3. The Alchemist - Paulo Coelho (Non-Fiction)
  4. Body Lengths - Leisel Jones (Autobiography)
  5. Getting in the Gap - Dr. Wayne W Dyer
  6. Being in Balance - Dr. Wayne W Dyer
  7. Memories of Heaven - Dr. Wayne W Dyer
  8. Chapter One - Daniel Flynn (Co-Founder of ThankYou)


Still reading and love

  1. The Singles Game - Lauren Weisberger (Non-Fiction)
  2. Tools of Titan - Tim Ferris (My Number 1 favourite book for 2016)
  3. Change Your Thoughts, Change your Life - Dr Wayne W Dyer
  4. A Happier Hour - Rebecca Weller




2. What didn't go so well this year?


Now to the icky stuff.


Losing Lassie - This was a tough one. To deal with the loss of my ‘best mate’, the one who taught me so much and together we’d shared so many triumphs and adventures, was just heartbreaking.

I knew it was getting closer to her time to go and i’d already told her on a seperate occasion that when the time was right for her to go, that she would have to be brave and make that choice as I wouldn’t be able to do it for her. The morning of the 1st of May 2016 was that fateful morning. Rest in peace Lassie. xxx


Business & Plans - I had planned to hold an ‘Open Door Training Session’ once a month for dressage enthusiast wishing to learn and gain some insight into our training regime. I held 2 of these sessions but the other 8 or so didn’t eventuate due to lack of time/planning/enthusiasm……


I like to remind myself that when something doesn’t get done, not to say “I’m too busy or was too busy” but to make a point of reminding myself that the task wasn’t high enough on my priority list to get done. 2017 will see me shift a few priorities and learn to schedule my ideas better to help my lovely clients.



Office Work & Communication - I feel this is something that I need to continually improve upon. I leave the office work till the very last minute and sometimes until it is breaking point. I am going to develop a habit/process of sitting down and scheduling in 2 hours of office work a week.

Communicating with clients has been improving but I feel it is always something that can be improved upon. I would like to always answer calls, emails, messages within 24hr even if it is a brief reply followed up by a longer reply shortly afterwards.



Injuries - Wow this was a big injury year for me (sadly) but gave me time to reflect. I strongly believe that the universe sends us messages in odd ways at times, to get us to look or to learn somethings.


March saw me sprain my ankle which resulted in a tear to my Anterior Talofibular Ligament. I had been running down Mother Beddock (a local lookout point) and went over on my ankle. I was back walking, running and riding quite quickly (like 2 weeks later - maybe 3 for running). Little did I know at the time that the ligament was torn (diagnosed by ultrasound later in May) and it proceeded to cause a few issue for running. I didn’t come right until about July time. Lesson learnt - REST!


Later on in the year I had a sweet little reminder of listening to our intuition and being conscientious around the horses. Normally I am quite good at this but we can all do with little reminders sometimes and I am lucky that was all mine was “Little”. I broke a Metacarpal bone in my hand. The one for the little finger. This saw me sitting on the side lines for another week but like i’d said it could of been much worse as I put myself in a very silly position while leading a young horse back to the paddock and also while being on the phone (big no no!!). He kicked out and in someways luckily my hand was near my face so he got my hand not my head. Lesson learnt - pay attention around horses and listen to the voice inside your head when its saying your doing a silly thing.


December I had a nasty little fright which saw me in hospital wondering if I was going to have my leg in a cast for Christmas. Luckily just a torn tendon in my quadricep, some good old bruising and torn muscles in my abdomen.

The dangers of our sport should never go unrecognised. Even the most experienced of riders can come undone with the simplest of things. This is sadly reminded to us frequently by the untimely death of colleagues doing the most common of horse tasks.

I was lucky unlike others. I was simply walking on a horse on a long rein in the arena and the horse wanted to go back and I couldn’t get the horse to turn to stop her going back and she wouldn’t respond to forward next minute the horse lost her balance and fell back on top of me. Still a little unsure what my lesson to be learnt from that incident was but for now i’ll go with, “the universe was telling me to slow down?”


In the last 10 years I have been free of significant injuries, so to have 3 in one year must mean that i’m done for the next 10 years right? At least thats what i’m running with!!




3. What’s planned for 2017?



Business Growth -

  • Staff - I would like to see an extra staff member employed casually or under contract to help with the growing demand of beginner lessons at PVS Training. This will allow me to focus more attention on developing established riders, training of more clients horses and also increase my horse training.
  • I would like to incorporate the EA’s Ready Set Trot program into our business.
  • Develop a Young Rider Training Camp. I feel I need to provide a program for the young riders who we have taken from children learning to ride and now offer a balanced approach to develop and guide them as athletes in their equestrian pursuits. Educating them on goals, focus and drive, development pathways within our EA system, rider nutrition and fitness plus character and personal development for our equestrian sport.


Incorporating Tourism -

This has been a dream of mine for the past 3 years and I can now finally see how the wheels will be set in motions. I will be working alongside a Marketing team to bring a new dimension to PVS Training for Mid 2017. Why not utilise all that our gorgeous region has to offer and incorporate a Tourism aspect into my business?


Fitness & Health

Increase my flexibility by including more yoga sessions. This will work two folds as yoga has a delightful aspect of learning to notice ‘breath’ better. Noticing our breath while riding is an extremely important aspect of increasing your development as a rider. Your horse will thank you simply by relaxing more during their training.

Gym stats to increase

  • Deadlifts - 120kg
  • Bench Press - 60kg
  • Squat (deep) - 100kg
  • Chin Ups - 20
  • Leg Press - 160kg
  • Learn Pull ups
  • Increase core exercise strength


Gratitude & Emotions

  • Continue incorporating meditation into my daily routine. Aim to increase to 20min per day. Practice at least 5 days per week.
  • Write down a good thing that happened each day for 365 days
  • Catch myself in ‘negative self talk’ and replace with love and kindness. Question where the negativity was coming from and work on changing it.
  • Showing up for family and friend 100%. Simply being in the room is not enough. Engage, listen, support and enjoy their company. I would be devastated if I lost any of them and felt I could of offered more so I am changing this.


365 Day Alcohol Free Challenge

Exactly what the title suggests. No alcohol for 365 days from 31st December 2016. What’s a better way to start a new years resolution than a day earlier than the new year?

I’m hoping to notice an increase in productivity, love, clarity, worthiness plus so much more as I embark on this challenge.



Matt and I will be away for 8 weeks from the start of March until the End of April on our ‘Honeymoon Camping Adventures’. We’ll be heading over to the West Coast via the centre of Australia all the way to the top of the West and into the top of NT and then back home again through the centre of NT. All alcohol free mind you (well for me at least). Photos galore to edit once i’m home. Even a sneaky little video production might be on the cards to top it off as well.





They will be a little more low key than in previous years as we focus on the development and training on the competition horses. As I have some big projects in the pipelines, I felt this would be a good season to focus on their training instead of intense competitions. That being said we will still be out and about locally and up North for our yearly training and Northern competitions but I don’t see any southern trips on the cards for this season. I have been known to change my mind though so who knows……. Sometimes the promising ones just makes you a little itchy to travel south :)




2016 in review was a great ‘learning’ year. It pushed me to learn a lot about myself, who I am and where I am going.

Happy New Years and may 2017 be your most successful yet!


Pamela xx

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