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Day 3 - QLD Dressage Championships

Posted on August 26, 2018 at 4:45 AM

Day 3 - QLD State Dressage Championships

As predicted we started with a wet Day 3 and as the day progressed so did the rain! ��

Remi Lolita (owned by Sue Cornwell) was competing in the Elementary Championships. She warmed up like a trooper in the undesirable conditions. She was a little unsure about going into the arena with the puddles and the water but she went around a little conservatively with only one little disobedience which came from me being a tad too strong with my canter aid from walk. (Oops ��)

We went onto place 10th in this tests.

The next test the rain had really set in however Lollie was a little more prepared to deal with the water on the arena. The judges were awesome about the crazy weather and saturated arenas.

I was really pleased with this test and felt that we had stepped it up a bit from the first test.

The judges agreed and we were placed 3rd for our final test of the QLD State champs.

I also came away with Highest Placed % Regional Rider. Thanks you Dressage Queensland

A massive congratulations to all the regional riders who did a smashing job!!!! ������������


So that's officially a WRAP for the 2018 QLD State Dressage Championships - were on the way home and look forward to come back again in 2019.

A massive thank you to everyone who helps me get to where I want to be.

Pryde's EasiFeed

Ocean Easy Stables

Devoucoux Australia

and last but definitely not least, Lydia, Matt, Mum and Rod and our entire support crew at PVS Training. You all play important and vital roles in my dreams and goals!

Thank you to Sue who trusts me to train, compete and look after her lovely mare Lollie.

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