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Day 2 - QLD Dressage Championships

Posted on August 25, 2018 at 4:35 AM

Day 2 - QLD State Dressage Championships

All I can say is a was absolutely THRILLED to bits with both of the horses and all 4 tests that we competed.

Remi Lolita (owned by Sue Cornwell) competed first in the Novice Championship and then followed by Why Waltz Hotshot.

I left the arena with a grin from ear to ear after each test, just thinking to myself what more could I of asked for from these 2 horses??? Big pats and heaps of carrots!!!

Both horses remained calm, were obedient and did fault free tests.

Lollie showed some lovely work for a few 8's in her 2.3 test and secured herself a 2nd place ��������

Harry stepped up to the challenge of the Novice test nicely. This horse, for being only 4yrs has such a great ability to work with me and just give me as much as is possible for him. In the warm up we even got 2 cheeky flying changes while we were working on the counter canter loops. In the test though we rode the counter canter correctly. Our only slight little moment in the test was the trot through change of lead , where I asked for right canter but he was on the wrong trot stride to give me right so he gave me left. Corrected in and we were on our way.

We scored well to place 7th in the 2.3.

Sadly the judges didn't quite like my tests on both horses for the 2.2 as much as I liked them. That's okay though����

Lydia is doing a smashing job keeping the stables, breezeway, horses and tack shed clean and tidy. Check out our tack space ������

As promised, although a tad late, here are my tech stirrup socks which are sparkly when the sun hits them. Shame you can't really notice the sparkle in the pictures! They look so cool ��

Thanks to everyone who makes this competition so much fun!!

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