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Cyclone Debbie - The horses are okay.

Posted on March 29, 2017 at 4:55 PM

The horses are very grateful that the wind has eased off considerably. All are safe and eating grass.

We'll keep them over the Kelsey Rd side for a bit while we repair all the fences on the Reibel's Rd side.

The old shed is tough and didn't budge which is wonderful.

So lucky that the trees fell away from the house and sheds.

We'll add more photos as we can get them through. Thank you for sending them through Amanda Patchett.

I need to add how absolutely amazing horses are. Their intuition and instincts in these situations to stay calm is unbelievable. Non of them were silly. They stayed close to one another and were given plenty of free room to move away from perceived danger if necessary.

Thank you to our wonderful Agistees for being patient during this daunting time and trusting us with your horse(s).


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