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Cyclone Debbie - The beginning

Posted on March 29, 2017 at 4:45 PM


You can't knock us down for long 'Cyclone Debbie'.

You may have come in all fierce and outstayed our welcome by many hours.

You may of sent a deluge of water our way.

You may of made many repairs for us.

You may of tried to break our spirit but you know what?


**** We are the Storm*****

We were inundated by a lot of water in both properties but all horses are safe and well and today are happily eating grass again.

We have quite extensive repairs to be done before we will be back to normal again.

We've never seen the volume of water come through our place like it did at midnight last night.

I'm very grateful for such an amazing family, friends and support network around us. I can not thank them enough for all their help in the preparation and now all the repairs and clean up that will take place over the next few weeks.

Mark my word, we will be back to normal and we will be bigger, better, stronger and more resilient.

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