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Day 1 - QLD Dressage Championships

Posted on August 24, 2018 at 4:15 AM

Day 1 - QLD State Dressage Championships

First I have to say; It has been so lovely to be back down here competing again. The riders have been so friendly and it's been great catching up with riders and friends that I haven't seen in ages!!!

Today was Why Waltz Hotshot aka Harry's day to compete. We had the Preliminary classes scheduled down to contest.

To say I was stoked with Harry is an understatement!!! I am thrilled to bits with the way this young horse has handled the trip down, the new environment and his first ride in the indoor. He has been super cool ��. Then today to go into the warm up area of the indoor with more than 10 horses warming up around him and be totally calm, honest and with me was just amazing.

What more could a rider possibly want from a young horse on there first experience of a big competition, in an indoor???

Onto the test. We did very well. By the time Harry was due into the competition arena, the warm up area was horse free and Harry felt a little deserted so had a moment of tension and nervousness. After spending a little bit more than 45 seconds after the bell rang (got ourselves a little error for that - oops ����) to settle him back down before we entered he did a fault free test. Was still a little tense but he relaxed towards the second half of the test and stayed with me.

We placed 6th with 65% ����������

Onto the outdoor arena and he was more settled. Once again Harry showed much maturity by once again being the only horse left competing as I was the last rider before a break. He was more relaxed, stayed with me and showed some lovely work.

We placed 6th with 70.86% ����������

Big pats for Harry - he's going to be such a super star once he gets this competing gig down pat!!! ��������

Thanks so much to my super groom Lydia for making Harry look lovely and to Kim for being my eyes on the ground with wonderful words of wisdom. Thank you ladies, I really appreciate it. ����

Remi Lolita and Why Waltz Hotshot compete tomorrow in the Novice Championships. Cross your fingers for us.

Oh and it's also going to be a bit special as the hubby, Matt is coming down to watch as well. ��

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