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Day 3 - QLD Dressage Championships

Posted on August 26, 2018 at 4:45 AM

Day 3 - QLD State Dressage Championships

As predicted we started with a wet Day 3 and as the day progressed so did the rain! ��

Remi Lolita (owned by Sue Cornwell) was competing in the Elementary Championships. She warmed up like a trooper in the undesirable conditions. She was a little unsure about going into the arena with the puddles and the water but she went around a little conservatively with only one little disobedience which came from me being a tad too strong with my canter aid from walk. (Oops ��)

We went onto place 10th in this tests.

The next test the rain had really set in however Lollie was a little more prepared to deal with the water on the arena. The judges were awesome about the crazy weather and saturated arenas.

I was really pleased with this test and felt that we had stepped it up a bit from the first test.

The judges agreed and we were placed 3rd for our final test of the QLD State champs.

I also came away with Highest Placed % Regional Rider. Thanks you Dressage Queensland

A massive congratulations to all the regional riders who did a smashing job!!!! ������������


So that's officially a WRAP for the 2018 QLD State Dressage Championships - were on the way home and look forward to come back again in 2019.

A massive thank you to everyone who helps me get to where I want to be.

Pryde's EasiFeed

Ocean Easy Stables

Devoucoux Australia

and last but definitely not least, Lydia, Matt, Mum and Rod and our entire support crew at PVS Training. You all play important and vital roles in my dreams and goals!

Thank you to Sue who trusts me to train, compete and look after her lovely mare Lollie.

Day 2 - QLD Dressage Championships

Posted on August 25, 2018 at 4:35 AM

Day 2 - QLD State Dressage Championships

All I can say is a was absolutely THRILLED to bits with both of the horses and all 4 tests that we competed.

Remi Lolita (owned by Sue Cornwell) competed first in the Novice Championship and then followed by Why Waltz Hotshot.

I left the arena with a grin from ear to ear after each test, just thinking to myself what more could I of asked for from these 2 horses??? Big pats and heaps of carrots!!!

Both horses remained calm, were obedient and did fault free tests.

Lollie showed some lovely work for a few 8's in her 2.3 test and secured herself a 2nd place ��������

Harry stepped up to the challenge of the Novice test nicely. This horse, for being only 4yrs has such a great ability to work with me and just give me as much as is possible for him. In the warm up we even got 2 cheeky flying changes while we were working on the counter canter loops. In the test though we rode the counter canter correctly. Our only slight little moment in the test was the trot through change of lead , where I asked for right canter but he was on the wrong trot stride to give me right so he gave me left. Corrected in and we were on our way.

We scored well to place 7th in the 2.3.

Sadly the judges didn't quite like my tests on both horses for the 2.2 as much as I liked them. That's okay though����

Lydia is doing a smashing job keeping the stables, breezeway, horses and tack shed clean and tidy. Check out our tack space ������

As promised, although a tad late, here are my tech stirrup socks which are sparkly when the sun hits them. Shame you can't really notice the sparkle in the pictures! They look so cool ��

Thanks to everyone who makes this competition so much fun!!

Day 1 - QLD Dressage Championships

Posted on August 24, 2018 at 4:15 AM

Day 1 - QLD State Dressage Championships

First I have to say; It has been so lovely to be back down here competing again. The riders have been so friendly and it's been great catching up with riders and friends that I haven't seen in ages!!!

Today was Why Waltz Hotshot aka Harry's day to compete. We had the Preliminary classes scheduled down to contest.

To say I was stoked with Harry is an understatement!!! I am thrilled to bits with the way this young horse has handled the trip down, the new environment and his first ride in the indoor. He has been super cool ��. Then today to go into the warm up area of the indoor with more than 10 horses warming up around him and be totally calm, honest and with me was just amazing.

What more could a rider possibly want from a young horse on there first experience of a big competition, in an indoor???

Onto the test. We did very well. By the time Harry was due into the competition arena, the warm up area was horse free and Harry felt a little deserted so had a moment of tension and nervousness. After spending a little bit more than 45 seconds after the bell rang (got ourselves a little error for that - oops ����) to settle him back down before we entered he did a fault free test. Was still a little tense but he relaxed towards the second half of the test and stayed with me.

We placed 6th with 65% ����������

Onto the outdoor arena and he was more settled. Once again Harry showed much maturity by once again being the only horse left competing as I was the last rider before a break. He was more relaxed, stayed with me and showed some lovely work.

We placed 6th with 70.86% ����������

Big pats for Harry - he's going to be such a super star once he gets this competing gig down pat!!! ��������

Thanks so much to my super groom Lydia for making Harry look lovely and to Kim for being my eyes on the ground with wonderful words of wisdom. Thank you ladies, I really appreciate it. ����

Remi Lolita and Why Waltz Hotshot compete tomorrow in the Novice Championships. Cross your fingers for us.

Oh and it's also going to be a bit special as the hubby, Matt is coming down to watch as well. ��

On the road to the QLD Dressage Championships

Posted on August 23, 2018 at 4:10 AM

Our trip south has gone well so far. We left on Tuesday and arrived into Caboolture yesterday around lunch time.

Both horses ate and drank the whole way down, in the float and during our rest stops. It's comforting to have happy horses during our travels.

As predicted it has been quite cool, even a bit of frost on our first night. ❄️

We took both horses for a look over at the outdoor arenas yesterday and did some light walk suppling work and the a short bout of trot and canter stretching.

Both horses felt good and handled their new surrounds well.

Lollie did wonder about the ducks that were around the grounds..... �� ��

Today we will do some arena familiarization in the indoor arenas where Harry will do one of his tests and then venture over to the outdoors to finish our ride.

Lollie has an extra day of training as her competitions start on Saturday.

Lydia and I have settle in as well. We don't have the flashes set up going around but Lydia and I are very comfortable and we make it our little home away from home.

Thank you for all your good luck wishes and support messages. It greatly appreciated! �� ����

Oh, and we always eat well while we’re on the road. Nandos Lemon herb coated chicken with a scrumptious side salad and to finish with a slice of heavenly (not so healthy) Zarraffas Caramel Slice �� (insert drool emoji) ��

Lessons Online Available

Posted on August 19, 2018 at 4:00 AM

I gave my first online lesson today to the dedicated young rider, Bronte Blackwood from Townsville.

I've taught Bronte from PVS Training before and we've been exploring ways to offer online lessons to her and others that don't live locally. Bronte was excited to be able to have her lesson in Townsville with me teaching from my home in Bowen.

Although it's not quite as good as teaching in real time, having eyes on your work is still extremely beneficial and great. Thanks for letting me try this on you Bronte.

A good quality phone/iPad/tablet camera, friend and very reliable internet connection is required for this to work.

Isn't technology just AMAZING???

Cyclone Debbie - We start to see the damage

Posted on March 30, 2017 at 4:55 PM

We have many hours work and repairs ahead of us.

If anyone was unsure what happens when a cyclone comes through a horse property. Sadly here is ours. ����

No horses were on this side of the property. We had moved them to the other side.

Cyclone Debbie - The horses are okay.

Posted on March 29, 2017 at 4:55 PM

The horses are very grateful that the wind has eased off considerably. All are safe and eating grass.

We'll keep them over the Kelsey Rd side for a bit while we repair all the fences on the Reibel's Rd side.

The old shed is tough and didn't budge which is wonderful.

So lucky that the trees fell away from the house and sheds.

We'll add more photos as we can get them through. Thank you for sending them through Amanda Patchett.

I need to add how absolutely amazing horses are. Their intuition and instincts in these situations to stay calm is unbelievable. Non of them were silly. They stayed close to one another and were given plenty of free room to move away from perceived danger if necessary.

Thank you to our wonderful Agistees for being patient during this daunting time and trusting us with your horse(s).